Saturday, 12 May 2012


As commitment to provide quality, many business organisation put much effort to pursue with ISO certification. However, many camponies facing problems in applying ISO system in the company and these had created challenges in progressing to certify.

  • Budget - Common constraint facing by one organisation is budget. Either it is a limited budget, unwillingness to spend on ISO matters or even consider a big problem for a small business organisation.  Realizing that they required to be certified by have limitation in spending much money on it. High cost of consultancy fees including consultant's travelling expenses that normally include in the costing will be the burden to the orgsanisation.

  • Consultant - Many companies hire and rely on external consultant with less of involvement in setting up the ISO system. Unfortunately, they may discover that the consultant does not understand the organisation's business or process, resulting in a documented system that little or no merit to organisation. Although there are many excellent consultant out there, a company's limited financial resources may become a deciding factor between choosing a consultant who is cheap or consultant who is capable. This may result in problem in maintaining the ISO system after certification and cause wasting of money as product quality still cannot be consistently produce even the ISO system is already in place.

  • Time - Distruptions of consultant's onsite visit to daily operation due to tight scheduling to match with consultant's own scehdule.

“I wanted to have ISO certification for my company, but I can’t afford consultant expensive fees”

“I am assigned to develop my company ISO system and I have team to do it, but would like some consulting help without the cost of an onsite consulting program”

“I do not understand what had my previous consultant did in setting up ISO system, I have problem in maintaining the system and problem answering to the auditor”


  1. If an organization has a huge aspiration to have an ISO certification in order for their business to have a quality management system, the firm must be willing to spend and invest money in it. If the business owner wants to see improvement in the company, he/she must be willing to do whatever it takes for the business to grow and succeed. Getting an ISO certification is just one step towards that.

    >Barton Wilson

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